September 2017

Corporate treasury is now a top target for cyber criminals and treasurers are guardians at the gate, according to new research from the Economist Intelligence Unit

Potential losses are huge – hackers that have infiltrated individual companies have already stolen millions of dollars in a single attack. Deutsche Bank has teamed up with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to survey 300 senior corporate treasury executives during April and May 2017 to gauge how their defences shaped up.

This infographic summarises how respondents scored on security testing (using simulations to demonstrate the damage that could result from an attack), authentication processes, what they are doing about third-party access and training, how they maintain their data (worryingly 20% of respondents do not require third-party suppliers to have procedures in place to handle data breaches), and attitudes to regulation and its effect on relations with third parties.

Written by the EIU on behalf of Deutsche Bank

Cyber risk

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