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A global market utility offering central accounting and net settlement services for the global re(insurance) market

Video Interview: Werner Steinmueller, Head of Global Transaction Banking and Member of the Group Executive Committee Deutsche Bank

Werner Steinmueller talks trade trends with Jonathan Bell, Editor in Chief at TXF News.

Video Interview: Michael Spiegel, Global Head of Trade Finance & Cash Management for Corporates

Michael Spiegel speaks to Jonathan Bell of TXF and speculates that supply chain finance may be reaching a tipping point, in part due to an increased desire amongst corporates to ensure the stability of suppliers post-crisis.

SEPA - are you truly ready?
This short video highlights the full extent of SEPA’s impact on all businesses affected by the initiative, and the steps needed to get ready
Accounts Receivable Manager for SEPA

Accounts Receivable Manager for SEPA, a corporate cash management solution that streamlines and simplifies the complexities of accounts receivable reconciliation.

Interview with Werner Steinmueller: A borderless world for payments
Werner Steinmueller, Member of the Group Executive Committee and Head of Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank, looks at the promise of SEPA and a borderless world for payments prior to EBAday in Berlin.
Working Capital Management explained. How businesses can optimise their liquidity.

The video explains what Working Capital Management is and how businesses can successfully use it to leverage hidden liquidity reserves within the value chain.

Daire McCormack: Escrow, 5 Questions, 5 Answers
  • Why does escrow matter so much today?
  • What is an escrow?
  • When is an escrow required?
  • How are escrows used in cross border transactions?
  • How can Deutsche Bank help?
Expert Perspectives - Martin Runow, Deutsche Bank

Martin Runow at Deutsche Bank discusses the benefits of SEPA migration for non-European corporates, in Global Finance's Expert Perspectives Video Series

Michael Spiegel: 5 Questions, 5 Answers
  • What are the most important steps for corporates towards SEPA compliance?
  • Why does Financial Supply Chain Management matter so much today?
  • What are the impacts of Basel III on global trade flows?
  • How can Deutsche Bank support Cash Management and Trade Finance needs in Asia and the Americas?
  • How can Deutsche Bank support Cash Management and Trade Finance needs in the Emerging Markets?
Lisa Robins: 5 Questions, 5 Answers
  • What are the three most important trends in Asia that are relevant to corporate clients?
  • Which customer segments is Deutsche Bank servicing in Transaction Banking in Asia Pacific?
  • What are the challenges when doing business in Asia and how can Deutsche Bank help?
  • How can Deutsche Bank help clients wishing to do business in China?
  • What is the advantage for banks to work with Deutsche Bank in Asia Pacific?

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